About Brenda Frank

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You’ve been served! After 56 years of marriage Brenda was served divorce papers, at a New Year’s Eve party. That gave the party people more to chew on than the hors d’ourvres.

Why let a bad ending get in the way of a good memoir? So began the writing of Divorced After 56 Years, Why Am I Sooo Happy?

After a stint as a medical assistant, from 1977 to 2017 real estate became her life’s work. A Realtor, first in Scarsdale, New York, then New York City and in 1995, South Florida.

Dealing with people from all walks of life, she observed how life was lived, from those with very low incomes, to the highest strata. Working with seniors, newlyweds, or those coping with children; investing in real estate brings out the best and worst in people due to the strained emotions and financial burden of buying and selling. Sharing their joys, sorrows, and fears for more than forty years, gave her the qualifications to give advice.

In New York City, she managed a country band, Ezze and the Manhattan Bay Trading Company. She secured a weekly gig for them at Dallas Bar-b-que on W. 72nd Street. Brenda coordinated an open mic venue at O’Malley’s, on the East Side of NY, which she dubbed, C.O.W.; an acronym for Country On Wednesdays. She engaged in this endeavor while maintaining her top Realtor status, selling co-ops and properties on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

After closing the final door on her real estate career this past June she now devotes her time to writing short stories, travel memoirs and poetry. She is presently working on her second primer, Life Has No Expiration Date. Sex After 60 Sells.