Brenda Frank

You've been served! How many people, after 56 years of marriage, and at the age of 75, have been served divorce papers? That chilling proclamation, followed by the dissolution of her marriage inspired Brenda to create "Divorced After 56 Years, Why Am I Sooo Happy?"
The result was this guide to the fun of being a party of one.

Her goal is to prevent other divorcees and singles from making mistakes she made while tripping and slipping to her finish line.

man divorced after 56 years

Divorced After 56 Years

The author describes this book as a primer, a book that teaches not preaches. She describes how she felt after 56 years, being served with divorce papers, and, at a New Year’s Eve party.

Instead of curling up in despair and wallowing in self pity, the author began to look at the positive side of living alone. She lists so many things that people within partnerships are not allowed to do, the decisions they cannot make, and how she has made a completely new life for herself and enjoying every moment.

Brenda Frank makes being single so attractive and wakes the reader up to all those things they cannot do if they have to consider their partner. Over simple things, like what to eat, to stay in or go out, how loud or soft the television should be, and what program to watch. She had me eying a nearby carving knife as I envied her freedom, her joie de vivre.

Every page leaps out with exciting options open to single people, regardless of how you became single. She quotes the rising statistics on how marriages are breaking up later and later in life, and gives excellent advice on how to prepare yourself in case it should ever happen to you – especially in the field of finances.

divorced after 56 years

Available at Amazon in print / Kindle for $1.99

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